Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Keep On Running!

I suppose with the FA Cup Final upon us,some reminiscing is inevitable,as us Evertonians search around for omens that will lead to some long awaited silverware.As a club we have have generally done well down the years.Winning at least one trophy in every decade since we were formed, over 125 years ago, is no mean feat.This is our last chance to do so in the noughties.It has to happen.The Everton fan shown achieved notoriety back in 1966 for becoming the first pitch invader at Wembley; since the whole crowd invaded the pitch, when the Empire Stadium was opened back in 1923.A resident of Two Dogs,Eddie Cavanagh,known locally as 'Tithead' ,due to his loss of hair in later years, could not contain himself after Everton came from 2-0 down to beat Sheffield Wednesday 3-2 in the greatest ever FA Cup Final.What chance this happening again.The odds will be high,no doubt.
But the omens are good.In the Semi-Final that year Everton beat Man Utd(the same as this year) before going on to win the cup.It's got to be worth putting half a crown on!

Thursday, 7 May 2009

It's A Heartache

I've thought for some time now that referees are nowadays primarily there to change the outcome of games, not to referee them.Last night's display by Ovrebo on behalf of UEFA, merely confirmed that.He blatantly ignored a number of 'cast iron' penalty appeals by Chelsea with some bizarre decisions.As an Everton fan, I have lost count of how many times we have been on the receiving end of rough justice.It must happen at least half a dozen times a season.The Hellas Verona fans have a saying for it. 'A Figura di Merda'....loosely translated it means 'this shit happens too often', and ususally against teams with more infuence due to their stature.Clattenburg and Collina have been particularly effective exponents of this approach against the Toffees in recent times.Fortunately neither of them are no longer refereeing.There is no point protesting against it you Chelsea Headhunters,as you well know,the refs decision is final.Welcome to our world.

Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Wide Eyed and Legless

Before leaving Belgium I had a score to settle.I had heard tell of a little bar down a short impasse(cul de sac in French!) called the Floris Bar.The attraction....... Absinthe.Being a lover of pernod,aniseed ,liquorice and being off my tits;I just had to find it.After two unhappy attempts(well it is in a cul de sac) I caught up with the place.There, in all their grandeur across two bars;over 300 different blends.I couldn't wait. Not wishing to take any chances I went striaght for the most expensive.7.50 euros.It was served with a spoon,lump of sugar(diabetic my arse) and a cute looking water carrier to allow it to be diluted to suit.This absinthe, called '1901' was absolutely delicious.With subtle flavours of aniseed, liquorice and more aniseed.After 15mins I was starting to get a stupid grin on my face, while feeling very mellow.The second was half the price,was blue in colour(?) and tasted like meths.But given that they were both 70 proof,I was, by now starting to feel very,very mellow and developing a 'vinegar strokes' style facial rictus.Mad,bad,and dangerous to know.I've got a bottle of the '1901' on order!