Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Friggin in the Riggin

With all this waxing lyrical by Vinogirl about daffodils,it brought to mind a strange tale I once read about.The two gentlemen above are the most unlikely of co-conspirators.One is former poet laureate William Wordsworth the other, none other than the notorious Fletcher Christian.Both went to the same school,Cockermouth Free School and both came from powerful local families.Indeed, Christian was a direct descendant of both William the Conqueror and Edward 1.After Mr Christian had had his wicked way with Captain William Bligh he holed up in the Pitcairn isles for the rest of his natural.Or did he? Rumours abound in the Lake District that the Wordsworth family, who were prominent lawyers, harboured Mr Christian after he returned to Blighty.The Pitcairn Islands,for which this is about the only thing they are famous for, aren't to forthcoming on his demise or the circumstances surrounding it.There are a number of conflicting tales,but nothing definitive.Strange then; that all the mutineers have a grave on the Pitcairn Islands.....except for one.Yes you've guessed it Fletcher Christian!!
One thing however, is a matter of fact.While he was Poet Laureate, William Wordsworth did not write a single line of poetry,not a jot,a couplet or a sonnet.Now that's what I call ,money for old rope!