Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Sheik,Rattle and Roll

It would appear by all accounts that some arab or other has just purchased a 60% stake in an unknown premier league club.And yet the press, whose job it is to find out, are singularly unmoved.Why will they not be moved?Is it because it is not Man U,Chelsea or Arsenal :or unlikely, but not impossibly, our bastard child?Well Liverpools Chairman has just resigned and the Secret Sheik has assumed the role of honourary Chairman.Looking at Evertons shareholdings;60% would account for 2 of our major shareholders(Kenwright included).It isn't Villa; they have a sugar daddy.It won't be Tottenhams 'Yid Army' for obvious reasons.Next in line Man City...they've just got some onboard..Wigan..nope....Fulham...they've got Mohammed 'de did Dodi do, didn't de do la' Al Fayed....We're starting to scrape the barrell now.West Ham..they've just been taken over by more bankrupt Icelandics...Portsmouth..they're just southern scummers...Stoke,Wolves,Burnley,Bolton,Blackburn....well you just wouldn't bother your arse with them.So it looks like it may be down to Everton or Liverpool.Could the Yanks bring themselves to work with an arab with more money than them.?.doubt it...could Kenwright offload to someone who doesn't live and breathe the club?...doubt it too.So who the chuff have they invested in, and why all the secrecy?...I'm still searching, religiously, for a clue!