Saturday, 30 April 2011

The Magnificent Seven

Some people believe everything happens in threes.Maybe it does.Although, of late my destiny appears to be squarely in the hands of the number 7.On 7th of January I signed on the dole for the first time.It was also the day that my Mum went into hospital in the last throes of lung cancer.On the 7th of February she died.On the 7th of March,after two years and 490 job applications I started a new job after a 10 minute telephone interview.The job,bizarrely was the first job I pulled off the machine in the Job Centre! On the 7th of April I received my first paycheck.At the time I was maxed out everywhere.The wolves weren't so much at my door-step,they had their tongues through the letterbox.I wonder what event awaits on the 7th of May.On the 7th of June I have my review.If all goes well the Jaguar XF will be on the driveway shortly after and I really will be in 7th heaven.I can't help feeling guilty about being so happy and 'on top' in the wake of all that's happened of late.But I guess thats only natural.Say La V!!