Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Park Life

Only last week the two people above achieved greatness.Both were crowned world champions on the same day.Jenson Button won the Formula 1 title and Beth Tweddle became World Gymnastics champion(our first ever).Jenson,a self confessed playboy, no doubt spends a lot of his time in and around Park Lane,London.Young Beth spends most of her time in and around Park Road Gym,Liverpool.When asked why he thought if he had suffered for his success Jenson replied 'the G forces when cornering are like having your face ripped off!'.Believe me;if you hang aroung Park Road corners too long, in Liverpool, you will have your face ripped off!! Oh!, and Jenson was also man enough to take a £5m pay cut.Oh the humanity! I'm sure Beth would love to take a £5m pay cut too.Why the indignation? Well within minutes of winning the title,Jenson received warm congratulations from Gordon Brown.As far as I know Beth is still waiting for hers.By all accounts Beth is the perfect role model for kids and spends lots of time giving support to others and attending awards ceremonies.It looks like Gordon would rather revere someone who sits on his arse for a living, rather than someone who is a genuine inspiration to kids with no apparent prospects.When it come to Sports Personality of the Year; I know where my vote is going,and it wont be down Park Lane.