Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Holidays in the Sun

'Cheap holidays in other peoples misery'...Hey that must mean I'm off to Cape Verde Islands for my annual vacation.This time I've done plenty of homework.A little bit of me thinks maybe I should have done this before I booked.Why?..Well apart from that fact that the holiday is all inclusive right down to the 24/7 help yourself beer tap.The little niggle is that most of the locals survive on less than a dollar- fifty a day.Being Portuguese before independence should lend itself to some sort of civilisation I guess.But there is also Brazilian and African elements in the mix.Well it is only a boat ride away from Senegal.Loads of great reviews....but also a few of some concern.Like the poor guy who got 'mugged' the first time he set foot outside the complex! Or the fact that the beach is on lockdown from 7pm.Looks like skinny-dipping is off the menu.If I was skinny I might be bothered.Also,I don't know if the armed guard at he entrance to paradise is a worry or a comfort to me.The best way to get around is by taxi.However, there are plenty of unofficial ones in the shape of pick-up trucks which are a whole lot cheaper.At least we will have unlimited food,drink and sunshine.As for the locals....'Let them eat cake'...but not mine!

Monday, 13 July 2009

King of the Road

Mark Cavendish is a Tour De France star in the making.A sprinter extraordinaire.So far this year he has won over 80% of all sprints and finished 2nd in the rest.A native of the Isle of Man, he has a certain Scouse twang and (over)confidence about himself.He has not so far acknowledged any Scouse roots but they can't be too far away.Two hours on the Sea-Cat I suspect.His nickname is the Manx Missile and for once he takes time to explain his tactics and strategy.Nothing is left to chance.Guess that's why he wins so often.On Sunday the tour was in the Pyrenees, not far from the bull run in Pamplona.An opportunity missed.Maybe next year when I am not so unemployed.Also, the last testing stage on this years tour is the dreaded Mount Ventoux.It was on this mountain that our last TDF hero Tom Simpson died by riding himself to death.His last words were 'go on,go on'.Sadly his body wasn't listening.Vive le Tour.Funny how all the podium chicks are pretty white girls.