Sunday, 20 July 2014

Amy's Graduation at Liverpool Anglican Cathedral 2014

Lord Roby used to spend quite bit of time as a wayward child exploring Liverpool's Anglican Cathedral. This came in rather useful on July 14th.With only two tickets available per graduate Lord Roby had had his nose pushed out.Not having that, I went to the back and found a long lost entrance. Within minutes I was behind the altar and videoing Lady Amy as she graduated. Needless to say only official photographers were allowed so I think it's fair to say you seen it here first! On Bastille Day, 25 years before I had proposed to her mother in Paris. I guess some things are meant to be; others you have to make happen. C'est La Vie...Laaa

Thursday, 3 July 2014


The Bastardi! What Bastardi?...Conspiracy! What Conspiracy. The World Cup is getting to the interesting bit and there has been hardly any controversy, few, if any bastardi moments. All in all the refs have kept their distance and missed very little, took no shit and allowed the games to be played in the right spirit. Apart from England's spinleless, clueless, two banks of 5 with no midfield tactics; I think it's been the best world cup I have seen. And in Belgium v USA the best world cup game I have ever seen. The quarters await and bastardi willing I think Columbia are marching all the way to the final. Whoudda thought it? So far it has been like a good book. One you can't put down and don't want to end.