Thursday, 15 April 2010

Some Guys Have All the Luck

Round about this time of year,I usually get the feeling that my luck is about to change.Could it be because I'm an Aries child or could it be something to do with the pesky Pisky I carry around with me(and have done since I was 9!) wherever I go.Generally, I have always been a lucky bar-steward, and I know Napolean preferred his bar-stewards to be of the lucky variety,but this time of year my luck usually goes into overdrive.This year has been no different.At the beginning of the month I entered a competition to win two VIP tickets worth over £400 for a glittering prize.The tickets were for the Everton FC 25th Anniversary of the last time we had a great team! The reason I entered was that, the closing date for the competion was 3 DAYS BEFORE the competition was announced on the club website.I smelt a rat.Somebody at the club had messed up.Within a hour the competition had been relegated to the achives.I knew I was onto something.Only 6 punters had seen the article.The gala night was also only 3 days away.So over the weekend I emailed the contact to find out when the winners would be announced.I was told the winners would find out on Sunday.Sunday came and went.But on Monday, the day of the event,I got the call to say I had won the tickets! I love it when a plan comes together.And what a night it was.Black tie,Champagne all the way,a meal,and a photo call with the class of 85.I was like a kid in a sweetshop.
We are only halfway through the month and I get a call from an anxious owner of a lap dancing bar in the city.He was having some problems with his licence application and could I help! Like Mr Wolf in Pulp Fiction,I was there before he put the phone down.It's a hard life!