Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Bye Bye Blackbird

I had the good fortune of a visit from this magnificent beast in my garden recently.I guess it wasn't so fortunate for the Blackbird that was immobilised by it's mighty talons.I was transfixed by this Sparrowhawk for about five minutes, as it slowly crushed the life out of the unfortunate 'Blackie'.It was completely unperturbed by anything around it and the cacophany of squawking from all the other birds nearby.If it had had been a cat,I would have chased it.But,I somehow felt priviliged to have it pay me a visit.After a few tasty morsels, for good measure, it gathered up its prey are carted it off to it's stash.I know; I should know better and only put food on the bird table.But,then if I had,I would never have had the pleasure of a close encounter with it.