Thursday, 23 June 2011

Little Willy

Recently, Lord Roby had the pleasure of his attendung his first beer festival.It was long overdue.Because I was attending on my Jack Jones I was a bit apprehensive.Would I fit in? Would there be any eye candy or would it just be a bunch of old Swan types.(The Swan is a well established real ale boozer in downtown Liverpool for the uninitiated.) It turned out to be full of old Swan types and students.I didn't fit in.So there was no alternative but to talk to the beer.First up was Straw Dog.Very nice indeed.Next up Durdle Door(from Dorset no doubt).Also very palatable.This was followed by a gill of Palm.I can't remember what this one was like,but it was nice enough to imbibe.I was now racing headlong into the second hour.By this time I was also starting to practice my 'Liver Dance'.Edinburgh Gold was a reluctant choice but I felt I had patronise the locals.It was absolutely spiffing.By now I was like a kid in a sweet shop.I couldn't get enough of the stuff down my neck quickly enough.I was in a beer frenzy.I somehow had the sense to put all the names of the different brews in my mobile phone.I was starting to run out of consciousness ; and so had to pick the next brew with care.Corncrake!! That's the one for me.Another winner,I was beginning to feel like it was time to 'walk'.I had over-imbibed by some degree.I had enough cells left for 'just one more'.There it was staring right at me.Mersey Mist.No don't ask me why but this was the only beer I could remember the flavour of.Maybe it was because it was a wheat beer made by Liverpool 1 that tasted of orangesages and lemons.Delish.
It was time to leave.I had spent the best two hours imaginable and spent all of £20 and let's just say I left 'Liver Dancing' and very,very..'Mersey Mist'!!!


Thud said...

Mersey mist...the name itself is enough for me although not one that evokes oranges and lemons although I suppose enough of them arrived on the river.....makes me think of spices.

Lord Roby said...

Considering your early memories of fog horns on the Mersey the name itself should be enough to tempt you to try a gill or two.

Gorilla Bananas said...

Beer that tastes of oranges and lemons? I'd like to try some of that! All the beer I've ever tried tasted of sour piss.

monkey said...

leave some for the rest, gorden bennett!

Vinogirl said...

Oh, this is good stuff M'Lord. What great names for beer, Mersey Mist sounds like a winner.
My current beer in the fridge right now is Blue Moon's Summer Honey Wheat, "a refreshing wheat ale crafted with clover honey for a hint of sweetness and a touch of orange peel for subtle citrus notes." It's lovely.

Lord Roby said...

Hi Gorilla Bananas.All new contributors are most welcome.

Monkey....And Gorillas in one post!! Wow! Why should I leave any for anyone.Moi..Moi...Moi...

Vinogirl....There were about 200 more, I wished I had been there all weekend and I did have work the next day!!

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