Sunday, 20 July 2014

Amy's Graduation at Liverpool Anglican Cathedral 2014

Lord Roby used to spend quite bit of time as a wayward child exploring Liverpool's Anglican Cathedral. This came in rather useful on July 14th.With only two tickets available per graduate Lord Roby had had his nose pushed out.Not having that, I went to the back and found a long lost entrance. Within minutes I was behind the altar and videoing Lady Amy as she graduated. Needless to say only official photographers were allowed so I think it's fair to say you seen it here first! On Bastille Day, 25 years before I had proposed to her mother in Paris. I guess some things are meant to be; others you have to make happen. C'est La Vie...Laaa


Thud said...

nice one Gaston!

Vinogirl said...

Cool! Go Amy!

Jumro Nasgor said...

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